Welcome to Dividend Deluge! I will give you a quick summary about this blog and its author.


An engineer in his early thirties who has always been more interested in saving money instead of spending it.

What is this blog about:

I have thought about starting an investing blog since I started buying stocks regularly in 2012, but mostly because of my laziness it took me six years to begin. Truth be told, I’m happy that I didn’t start immediately, because for the first couple of years I mainly invested in penny stocks and other high-risk (and no reward in my case) stocks.

In 2014 I found Jason’s famous Dividend Mantra and numerous of other Dividend Growth Investing blogs. It made sense to me that I should stop trying to predict market movements and focus on passive income instead. Shortly after that I sold almost all of my speculative stocks and begun my own journey on the same path.

In this blog you can follow my progress towards financial freedom. Blog posts will reveal my stock purchases and you can see the changes in my net worth and portfolio as time progresses. You can also see me strive to achieve my annual goals!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to contact me if you have any questions!