Net Worth Update – Q1 2019

First quarter is almost over and it’s time to post a Net Worth update. These updates help me track my progress and it is interesting to see how my net worth has changed in the past three months.

Net Worth


Stocks and cooperatives 62 272 € (+8 553 €): Market saw a relief rally in early 2019, which increased my portfolio value significantly. I made new investments during Q1, as I purchased Iron Mountain Inc. and Canadian Utilities shares. I also sold half of my Norwegian shares in March, which was one of my annual goals. 

P2P loans 5 115 € (+1 209 €): I purchased more P2P loans in February. I have also reinvested all loan payments.

Cash 8 348 € (+577 €): I have been increasing my cash savings for a while now and I plan to keep at least  4 000 € in my emergency fund. For me it is important to have a sufficient amount of emergency savings, as it protects my peace of mind.

Apartment 129 000€ (+0 €): My share of our apartment. I don’t change this estimate every quarter, because it is hard to evaluate the exact price.


Mortgage 76 429 € (-1 664 €): Fixed monthly payments. I did not make prepayments during the quarter, but fortunately the interest rate has been below 1 % for years now.

Housing company debt 1 620 € (-90 €): My share of the housing company debt. Only normal monthly payments, because it would cost over 200 € to make an extra payment. 

Net Worth 126 686 € (+12 093 €)

Net Worth Q1-2019

After the previous update, my net worth has increased by 12 093 €, which is about 10 % increase! This was one of the best quarters in years and I don’t expect my net worth to keep growing at this rate. It feels like we are already in a late cycle economy and relief rallies can’t happen in every quarter.

If you are interested, you can access my older reports on Net Worth page.

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4 thoughts on “Net Worth Update – Q1 2019

  1. Tawcan Reply

    Man I love looking at that net worth chart. It’s going higher and higher! Congrats on an amzing quarter.

    • Dividend Deluge Post authorReply

      Thanks Tawcan! I think it shows well that net worth doesn’t necessarily decrease even when the stock prices are dropping, which happened at the end of last year.

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