Net Worth Update – Q3 2019

Third quarter is almost over and it is time to post another Net Worth update. These updates help me track my progress and it is interesting to see have I been able to increase my net worth over the past three months

Net Worth


Stocks and cooperatives 66 466 (+315 €): I added more Abbvie Inc. and Iron Montain Inc. shares in the third quarter. I sold rest of my Norwegian shares (NOM) in June, because of the new withholding tax laws. Later that month I reduced my position in Omega Healthcare Investors, because this single stock was already over 10 % of my portfolio value.

P2P loans 5 354 € (+99 €): I have reinvested the loan payments. No extra deposits, as the weight of P2P loans is already over 5 % of my portfolio.

Cash 13 290 € (+3 431 €): I am still increasing my cash savings. I mentioned in the previous update, that I am buying a newer car, but I am having second thoughts about that. I was able to fix my old car by myself, which felt really good and as a result I saved a substantial amount of money!

Apartment 129 000€ (+0 €): My share of our apartment. I don’t change this estimate every quarter, because it is hard to evaluate the exact price.


Mortgage 75 319 € (-0 €): Only paying interests at the moments, because I applied for an instalment-free period in June.

Housing company debt 1 440 € (-90 €): Monthly housing company loan payments. No changes here.

Net Worth 137 351 € (+3 935 €)

Net Worth

In the past three months my net worth has increased by 3 935 €. Even though the increase in my net worth doesn’t directly raise my passive income, I still think it’s a good indicator that I am doing something right!

If you are interested, you can access my older reports on Net Worth page.

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