Passive Income – February 2019

Once in a month I will publish a Passive Income Report. This will show you what changes happened in my portfolio and how much passive income I collected during the month. This month I received 252,0 € in passive income, which is a 31 % increase compared to last February.

Let’s take a look where did that money came from! 

Passive Income

  • Abbvie (ABBV): 24,5 €
  • Apple (AAPL): 17,5 €
  • AT&T (T) – 44,4 €
  • Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) – 119,1 €
  • Realty Income Corporation (O): 12,5 €
  • Mintos (P2P loans): 34,0 €

To keep things as simple as possible, I have converted all currencies to Euros.

In 2019 I have received 357 € in passive income, which is 10,2 % of my annual goal (3 500 €). I need to increase the pace if I want to reach my goal this year. Fortunately the next two months will be much better than the first two.

Passive Income 2-2019

If you are interested to read more about my passive income history, you can access older reports for more details.

Dividend Increases

Four companies in my portfolio announced dividend increases in February:

  • Gilead (GILD): +10,5 %
  • Nordea (NDA): +1,5 %
  • Nokia (NOK): +5,3 %
  • Sampo (SAMPO): +9,6 %

I am always excited to see dividend raises as they increase my yield on cost! Nokia actually announced dividend increase on the last day of January, but I missed it back then. These four raises increase my projected annual income by 18,8 €.


I purchased more P2P loans in February. You can read more about the purchase here


Stock market was pretty quiet in February and my portfolio value increased by 3 %. I purchased more P2P loans and four companies in my portfolio announced dividend raises this month. As a result my projected annual income increased by 135 €. 

Thanks for reading!

How was your month? How much passive income did you receive? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

14 thoughts on “Passive Income – February 2019

  1. Doug Reply

    Good job. Love the OHI dividend. Hopefully they get everything back to normal soon and start giving dividend increases again. Keep it up.

  2. DivvyDad Reply

    Nicely done, and as I read the monthly results from the community I see that Apple, AbbVie, and AT&T have been pretty consistent holdings and performers for many (myself included). That chart is looking awfully nice, and I can’t wait to see what March brings for you!

    • Dividend Deluge Post authorReply

      Thanks DivvyDad! Abbvie and AT&T have been very popular stocks among the community, since the last summer for a good reason. I think both of these are quality companies with an attractive valuation and I wouldn’t mind adding more in the future!

  3. Mr. Robot Reply

    Those are some awesome results. As said before that OHI is impressive, but I’m sure you’re already aware that 15% of you passive income from one company might be a risk going forward.

    Keep that snowball rolling friend. You’ve got a new reader. 🙂

    • Dividend Deluge Post authorReply

      Thanks Mr. Robot! I understand it is risky that OHI is such a big part of my total passive income. I will try to reduce the risk in the future with diversification!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. BrokeInvestor Reply

    Impressive month Deluge! You received more than half of my annual goal in a single month 🙂 That single dividend from OHI is impressive alone!
    And it’s nice to see that even 4 companies raised their dividend for you. It’s going to look even better going forward as a result 🙂
    Keep it up!

    • Dividend Deluge Post authorReply

      Thanks Brokeinvestor! The dividend snowball is working really well, as my current projected annual passive income is about three times higher than in 2016. Can’t wait to see your results after a few years!

  5. Snugfortune Reply

    Wohoo that amount of OHI dividend alone is crazy! Looks like a solid month to me. Congrats and keep it up, DD!

    • Dividend Deluge Post authorReply

      Thanks SF! Omega Healthcare Investors is my largest holding and it yields almost 15 % of my annual passive income. I really hope they keep paying at least the current dividend in the future!

  6. Dividend Diplomats Reply

    Very nice Deluge, very nice! I like the YOY dividend growth rate. Congrats on the strong dividend increases as well, especially the 10% one GILD!


    • Dividend Deluge Post authorReply

      Thanks Bert! It’s always nice to see double-digit dividend increases. Let’s hope we will see more of those in the coming months!

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